Luke Bryan – Drink A Beer – (Memorial Song)

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Luke Bryan’s Song “Drink A Beer” From “Crash My Party” Remembering Loved Ones who have passed on. ALL CREDIT GOES TO LUKE BRYAN. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED All ri…


Megan Cadwell says:

heard it yesterday<3

Preston Cummins says:

RIP to my grandma and uncle! 

Keegan Millsap says:

Best song ever:) but still a sad one:(

trevin maurer says:

also my beautiful young mom when I was 6 im 12 now but its still hard to
think of her I was her only son and I was a mommas boy as a lil guy bout
2-11 yrs ol but il always be her lil boy and im sorry bout the los of look
bryans brother and sister

Andrew Lares says:

In between games, this on radio. 

jordan armour says:

RIP dad 

Tyler Hofer says:

Played this song at my best friends funeral 2 months ago… RIP Cody Myles,
it’ll never be the same without you brother

brenda wright says:

R.I.P matt manzell 3

ariah kaylin says:

I love this song I can’t stop listening to this song it is awesome I cry it
is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody Simmons says:

Rip Pfc chandler. Miss you bud. Unit ain’t the same without you 

Hexip gaming says:


Dakon Bergquist says:

Rip Brice, you’re the best older brother I could ever have…u were 20 when
Ur time came…I was 16…love u buddy 7/26/93 – 8/16/13

James phillips jr says:

Rest in peace grandpa. 

irene kirby says:


Hailey Cooper says:

RIP Jacob Ryan Clute❤️ we miss and love you so much. August 4th will never
be the same!

shania skaggs says:

R.I.P papa miss u I’m 14 and my grandpa was everything to me i was a
grandpas girl i was always with him he is gone but never forgotten

peood1 says:

First time I heard this song I loved it.Not that I drink but just the words
and how he sings it with heart.Made me think of people I love who are gone
and good memories we had together.AWESOME SONG.

Beatriz Solorzano says:

Rest in paradise brother. 12 years later & I still can’t believe your gone.

logan callaway says:

R.i.p 33 i love and miss you homo

Dustin clark says:

Paul Walker was amazing he was the best charicter in fast and ferious rip
brian O’ conner

Amber Rupe says:

Listening to this song makes me think of my uncle. Who died of cancer. He’s
been dead for 3 years now and I think about him everyday. All the time.
This song gets me so emotional because it makes me think of all of the good
times me and my uncle had.. R.I.P we all miss you and love you.

Emily Jones says:

Talia:( R.I.P baby girl! <3

String Hawke says:


cecilia cunninham says:

R.I.P. Jimmy…

Taylor Cordell says:

Love this song!! Miss you pawpaw, see you in heaven! 

Stacy Davis says:

R.I.P Michael 15 was too young I still remember the day I thought ur sis
was lieing to me u were like a brother make sure ur nice to the other who
were taken from all of us too young and make sure u dont do nothin crazy
and tell hannah I miss her and everyone else to R.I.P Ean, Trent,abbi,
anthony, you and hannah …5 takein in less that 2 years. Way too young to
go but ill see yall one day…. I promise yall that much 

Brenda Barnard says:

I lost my big Brother Tim on June 7th 2013 and my father Ron on 13th 2013
what a awesome song, and tribute to loved ones memory. I think of them with
tears in my eyes every time I hear this song.

xxStereosForever says:

Rest in peace nana <3 You were a strong fighter, battling cancer. I love
and miss you beyond words could ever say. Heaven gained a beautiful angel.
Gone but never forgotten <3

jaime RISNER says:

Omg so sad reminds me of my uncle Randell 

usmcpatriot45 says:

+Tommy7444 Wow man, please ask me how many fucks I give about your souless

Carlos Castanedo says:

For my pops

Sky Ann Jacobsen says:

i love this song when im upset i just listen to this song!

Teresa Bean says:


Steven Young says:

Rip art

AngelThePatheticGamer says:

R.I.P. Grandpa, and Pop-op Jean.. ;( I miss you guys everyday. And don’t
forget Char

Ari Kip says:

#thinkingofyou #arikip

ronnie harrison says:

lost a great friend a few years back and this song hits home hard never got
to say goodby only a phone call. RIP Ryan Porter It isn’t the same bud.

Patrick Gallagher says:

R.I.P. Alysha Smith…you where taken from this world at only 21, God put
you on this earth to serve a purpose and you did what you was supposed to
do and then God called you home. You was just that awesome and served your
purpose faster than anyone expected. Love you sweet girl!

Rodney Mosier says:

shout out to the 29th the 36th will remember you hoorah brothers

Christine Hasty says:

Miss u uncle James forever

Kayla Greene says:

I have lost 13 friends since I was 12 I’m almost 19 now . And when this
song came out it brought back pain and good memories but the person I think
of first is my best friend I lost to the Miami river in june. I miss him so
much. Rip O

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