Making BigBadBill Brew and other science experiments

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Just having fun with basic kitchen science. Boil red cabbabe, strain, and use the juice. Cabbge juice is caled an indicator, because depending on if you mix …


shineonbeyondschool says:

Yes you are, lol!

Hasyimah Binti Hasmudin says:

shineonbeyondschool thank you for all that you have done for moshi monsters

larissa Starovoit says:


shineonbeyondschool says:

Thanks for all your nice comments, and sorry I haven’t made your vid yet,
we went to visit relatives over the weeked, but I haven’t forgotten…

shineonbeyondschool says:

Thank you, so glad you like it, because we love to make strange potions,

KawaiiClay Jada says:

That’s so cool!

laurahowell1 says:

Hi,I Love your vids,This is just a quick question:How do you get all the
awesome video ideas? x :) Thanks!

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