Michelob Light Beer – Commercial Classic 1985

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“Who says you can’t be somebody and still be you?” Michelob Light commercial circa March 1985.


gatewayeast1609 says:

@utubesnamepolsux I’d certainly like to see that one

peterhazenberg says:

Wow, I have looked for this commercial sooo long…amazing !!! Thanks for
posting, it was one of my favs when I lived in the States ;-)

gatewayeast1609 says:

Great beer, even better ad

jrichmondyt says:

“Pinstripes” is in a set called “ABC Commercials and Promos – WEWS
Cleveland 1985.” Uploaded by Wasp11. Starts at 5:55.

utubesnamepolsux says:

I’m looking for another one from this campaign: “Who says you can’t have
pinstripes and rock and roll?” Anyone got a pointer?

utubesnamepolsux says:

The “pinstripes” commercial turned up; it’s in the middle of someone’s
“here’s a bunch of 1958 commercials” posting, that I didn’t book mark.
Think I might have commented on it.

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