Narragansett Beer commercials

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Narragansett Beer wants you to assign a designated Driver. This is one of the original responsible drinking campaigns.


spot providence says:

Fri- Rock Out For Kids! – Adoption Rhode Island Fundraiser
feat. Steve Smith & The Nakeds, Dinner, Dancing, Silent Auction
$50 ticket — 100% of ticket price goes direct to Adoption RI
Fri (Midnight Show): IKEBE SHAKEDOWN (Doors @ 11 | $5)
Sat- Cinco Party. Fungus Amungus | Off TheRe

Friday’s Sponsors:
Newport Storm Beer | Narragansett Beer | Captain Morgan

shrinkingmanvid says:

there’s one on the narragansett beer dot net site…Mr. Narragansett talks
to a liquor store clerk.

pat12pack says:

God Bless Gansett

Jack Mckenna says:

wher can I fin Irene Hennessey?

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