National Bohemian Beer “Natty Boh” Commercials Part 1

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From the Atomic TV archives comes these classic animated commercials touting Baltimore’s favorite cheap beverage! Keep an eye out for the “Natty Fro” commerc…


51Telecaster says:

I think the second blank is “friends” i.e ” but friends, they’re only side

pinkyring4 says:

thumbs up to you my friend, i live in towson and drink boh on the reg!

strylowskia90 says:

Everyone does, I’m moving to a Baltimore suburb, Towson, so I can’t wait to
take the bus down to Fells Point and the Inner Harbor. Ahh Crabs and Natty
Boh, a Maryland tradition.

jgbennie says:

Paul Frees is Lord Baltimore in the first one. Mel Blanc is in the last one
with someone that sounds like Candy Candido.

Barry I. Grauman says:

They was produced at Ward’s Hollywood facilities, because Gamma never
produced THAT kind of “decent” animation…

Doctorunk says:

Mel Blanc can be heard in the last one, Hell, he was everywhere back then!

sweatbabysweat929 says:

Good ole’ saturday morning cartoons

Jimmy Sanders says:

What, did Maryland not have a drinking age back then?

LeatherUp says:

Man those are too fucking cool. When I lived in Mobtown there was a bar
round’ the corner that had iced cold Natty Boh for 50 cents a glass. I have
a bunch of old Stag beer commercials with Mr. Magoo, gonna have to get em

Phil Lister says:

Is a better quality version available? Could you have used anything higher
than 240? Also, it looks like this was transferred using a simple
projector/video camera set-up instead of a Rank Cinetel system.

bubbajimmy8 says:

National Bohemian Beer Teaches your kids Baltimore’s History in under 2
minutes! If it can can do that why not drink it ? Natty Boh ” Why The Hell
Not” I love living in Baltimore

tapedog says:

NATTY BOH!! We even love it down here in P.G. County!!

Brian Levy says:

Natty Boh, Baltimore’s Beer. Brew Natty Boh in Baltimore Again (facebook
group) Join it!

Adam Aud says:

I think the line may be “Late great store-bought easy livin’…”

Elodea says:

Many of the spots were done by Jay Ward Studios (Rocky and Bullwinkle).
Daws Butler was the original voice of the Capn and continued in the role
until his death in 1988. Other characters in the original ads were voiced
by Ward Studio veterans June Foray, Bill Scott, and Paul Frees.

amokoner1 says:

hell yea NATTY BOH HON!!!

ANattyBOHRhapsody says:

Bohs and O’s

cranej311 says:

Natty Boh <3

Fairfaxcat says:

“Got a lot of songs to sing and dreams to dream–about settlers and other
things–folks who first brewed on the Shore and a bit about the beer from
Baltimore. National Beer National Bear you’ll like the taste of National
Beer.” “The best of the Old World is in our brew; that’s why it tastes as
good as it do . . . National Beer National Beer you’ll like . . . .” “Even
if you’re are Aquarius, maybe even Sagitarius, you’ll find yourself more
gregarious serving National Beer . . . National Beer.”

tommy2chips says:

Baltimore city’s Beer.

punksk8r0090 says:

ive skated at the old natty boh building

zedeyeknight says:

I’m having one right now! I love this stuff!

DropPodFullOfPonies says:

Why can’t modern beer commercials be animated like Natty Boh, Hamm’s, and
all the other oldies? They were gems of their art (stretching, pushing, and
breaking through the 4th wall, with wonderful animation and memorable
characters, great comedy, and top-notch voice acting). Hell, I’d drink a
brew that tasted like piss in a can if it came with a clever ad like the
two guys on the mountaintop or the patron trying to get a “Boh” from the

independentwomanshow says:

I always enjoy a visit to the Land of Pleasant Living!

lsmftymf says:

0:07 – Anyone know who she is?

TurboB13 says:

An excellent point, to be sure. Oh boy, what a beer!

Bigben1984 says:

I’ve always siad a REAL ravens fan drinks Natty Boh a real Eagles fan
drinks Yuengling, a real patriots fan drinks Sam Adams, a real Broncos fan
drinks Coors a real Rams fan drinks Budweiser a real Packers fan drinks
Miller and so on and so on

loverockit says:

Wonderful, Natty Boh is king

Warsawzi says:

why are all the birds vaguely racist?

yarahahrwe says:

what a dumbass bartender

Fairfaxcat says:

“Lay great store by easy living that still prevails today . . .” Bring in
Chuck Thompson and the O’s! Those were the times when the National
Beer-owned O’s had the best winning percentage in baseball. In what year
did the “In 1634 the royal nominee Lord Baltimore with fish and hominy”
run? PLEASE till me!

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