Natural Light Beer Commercial with Mickey Mantle

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It is PRICE is why you switch, Natural light is the CHEAPEST priced beer!
Didn’t mickey mantel have a liver transplant and died?

poopdonkey44 says:

I’d prefer Natty over Keystone any day. It’s cheaper too!

indyfan22k says:

@Jefgg Did the Beer company not know he was ?? pretty ironic.

DeDaninn Carter says:

Look at the head on that beer,,,,ALMOST NONE!!!!

misfits4life1 says:

natural light back when it was good beer now it’s pure crap in a can

ultrakool says:

natty made his liver strike out

TheJustinitiative says:

No it isn’t.

3rdcoastnyucka says:

Because my own urine was a little too malty. Maybe I’ll give it another go
in a few years.

jed4332 says:

@lukeslandspeeder What food are you eating?

BrooklynSal says:

Man, today this is considered cheap beer. Natty Ice will leave you with a
lump too.

renegadethedestroyer says:

well in my opinion it is. there is no flavor or good taste to it.i enjoy
good beers like coors, miller, Blue moon beligan white, and corona with a
lime. Natural light is the true defintion of a shitty beer.

pokersuperstar says:

they should still air this commercial.. I really want a natty now.. I didnt
know it had this history

spongerodd says:

Guy in Blue Shirt is Norm Crosby……too young to remember what he did

JRFrancisco20088 says:

Worst beer in the history of beer. How did Mantle get suckered into this

TheJustinitiative says:

Yeah. Those are all really great beers.

Jim Gamrat says:

hahahahahaha…thats funny. they actually try and make it sound like natty
light tastes good.

jaytay2010 says:

… the diarrhea in the morning is why you’ll switch back

Otacon237 says:

@shagysk8ter Leffe also uses a style very similar to that. Speaking of
Belgian ales, Hoegaarden is really good too.

Buffalosabskis says:

What do you drink zima?

TheyCallMeMISTERDIGG says:

This used to be a premium beer. A/B’s first light beer on the market. The
African – American actor is probably supposed to be a Reggie Jackson
stand-in – as, they couldn’t have Reggie in the ad at the time. But, I
remember buying little bottles of this in the early 80′s. Had some good
make-out sessions on this stuff. Taste is why you switch!

prodos8 says:

This was bud light before bud light.

killersccrplayer says:

everyone hates natty light?? idk why cause i enjoy it and it’s cheap

boss7of7all7bosses says:

micky was an alcoholic

MVPbaseball52 says:

haha thats some funny shit^^^

JENDALL714 says:

In between takes, “Hey Mick they are only props, there is no real beer in
those bottles”, Mick-”Then what the hell did I agree to do this commericial

nebhuskers923 says:

Lol natty

Anthony Liberto says:

@andretheking86 that and keystone

Bill Moran says:

The Mick..

mrath says:

If you switch to natty light because of taste, you have drank so much beer
that your taste buds are drunk

andretheking86 says:

im not sure about taste, but it is by far the beer of choice for those
under 21 XD

Makinitbig2010 says:

Yea…taste is why I switched…to Coors Light

agsmallticket says:

holy crap there is the muscles himself.

andretheking86 says:

haha yea keystone is another one

KevinRomero says:

You know i love my natty just because its good as fuck! monroviiaaaa

whitedude1019 says:

YES..natty forever!!

sczesny46056 says:

before bud light there was budweiser light. and before budweiser light
there was only natural light beer.

pazvato says:

Hey, is that Reggie Jackson looking down at the pinball machine while
taking a bite of a pretzel and then turning and walking away?

Jefgg says:

Mickey Mantle was an alcoholic. He was a natural for a beer commercial. No
pun intended.

jkmlight says:

Hey, The Yankees lost. The Yankees got the “Devil” beat out of them on the
Bill Mazorouski Home-run. Now that’s a “Balantine Beer Blast” Always
remember the 3 rings for quality. “How Cow” the 2008 season for the New
Yankees is over”. This message have been bought to you by “The Fan”. Sit
down, pull a chair. Have a Cold Glass of “Balantine Ale Beer” you
disgusting Yankee Looser. ANC “Wide World Of Sports”. “The thrill of
victory”. The Agony Of Defeat”. Return to Forbes Field.

jno727 says:

haha was natty light ever a respectable beer?

msgolds89 says:

Taste is definitely a good reason to switch away from Natty.

nyswf453636 says:

@Gossage54 Michelob brands no longer uses this style bottle, as of spring
2010!! This is the second time they changed!!

jimmymac16 says:

natty light is so nasty lol but it gets u drunk so i guess beer is still
beer right =) lol

flawlessjamz281 says:

fuck yeah

FaceSpaceTV says:

that is a great video Marissa

chronicatl says:


ultrakool says:

Yeah, I guess so. The other thing about this commercial that’s kinda funny
to me is when at 0:14 Mantle glares at the black dude who bent over the
pinball machine. Mick gives him a look as if to say, “What’s yo nappy head
gawking at?”. lol

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