North Korean Beer Commercial (English Subtitles)

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I don’t know why NK is adopting this “capitalist” idea. But they are claiming that they hate Capitalism. LOLZ Crazy People. ENJOY! AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE 😀 ==…


turowat says:

What is this beer made from?… SOYLENT GREEN??

Stefan Ekman says:

sweetasflip says:

@Areku911 LOL hahahhah right on

Futogami says:

I’m guessing north Korea make their adverts with PowerPoint

Daniel Török says:

The translation is fake.

TheZarlefrine says:

@FrontalViolator can u translate it then?hehe

TheThrustGuy says:

In an german Oktoberfest Glas. Tzzz 😀

Tillerman56 says:

0:20 : it’s not the people in North Korea who are crazy, the leadership is.

SuperGetitgotitgood says:

I dont always drink beer… but when I do its made in a country where
people are forced to worship a crazy motherfucker with a fucked up haircut.

slimv29 says:

@trooper744 exactly, it’s just a beer commercial, nothing political on that.

lurconis666 says:

Laced with antidepressant and antipsychotic shit to relieve stress of
living in a shit country.

Queen Elizabeth says:

@Roofius2 lol.. i’m talking about the subtitles, stupid xD

RonSafreed says:

Gee I need to buy a six-pack of that”commie-beer”.I guess it is better than
any German or American beer!”What”-it even taste better than Mexican beers
like Corona,Dos Equis,Presedente?!!! Please dear leader of North Korea I
just want a six-pack shipped snail-mail. I don’t care if it arrives hot or
room temputure, I have a, ohh wait 2 fridges to put it in to cool down&then
I can enjoy not only the best beer in the Orient but the whole widwe
world!!!! Eat your heart out North Korean leader!!!!!!!!

brianmaitland says:

I was actually gonna do this, but instead it was called “Leader piss” XD

KwonSeoulJah says:

@FrontalViolator of course they are, its a joke

Jose Aleixo says:

@mistra100 amen

fsxflyer787 says:

@TheSafetyMoose then how come it’s KCNA logo in top corner and this is
supposed to be a joke.

Jesse S says:

@slimv29 Listen I dont know if you understand western english but this was
in response to your comment about you stating that this is a fail because
it has nothing to do with politics.

json24 says:

The translation is fake but very funny!

jtgagafilms says:

This is Kim Jong Il’s favorite beer , he died , do you still want to drink
this shit??

ohioiran122 says:

only beer in town lol

Donavan Lewis says:

Ok, i rather drink nail polish instead of this shit, that looks scary.

Lightscribe225 says:

@AtheismCentral I’m pretty sure the tag ‘spoof’ is there for a reason.

Lightscribe225 says:

@AtheismCentral This wasn’t supposed to be a stab at socialism, it was a
stab at North Korean fantasy land where everything isn’t a shithole

lurconis666 says:

Don’t drink it. They put something in, to make you forget. It says
something about it being part of Kim Jong Ils private reserve.

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