Red Dog Beer Commercial (1995)

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diziamonddave says:

399 for a six of pounders in texas.

brenden619 says:

Wtf you guys can still get red dog… that was my favorite cheap beer
havent seen it in stores for well over 5 years now, where the fuck is it!!

nightflight83 says:

Be your own dog.

Bill Suszynski says:

I can find it in a 2 12 pack case or in a 12 pack only around my area ( New
Castle, PA) But I have to get lucky sometimes. Great beer :)

CitySkin09 says:

Great way to spend 10 bucks. Great beer.

ZoloftMuncher says:

Very true. I was about to say that too.

Jeffrey Fairfield says:

It’s too bad that beer is hard to find these days………

horselaverda says:

i miss red dog

DiscoDashco says:

I’d rather drink Leine’s or even Blatz for that matter…

Jeffrey Fairfield says:

I’m from Maine, and it’s not easy to find up this way……

z71chevy says:

@TheJeffman1985 idk what your talking about i got 2 cubes of it last

ThePYOT88 says:

I love this beer.

WallyVanRiper1 says:

@TheJeffman1985 A chain in NJ called Bottle King sells it.

Luke Michalowski says:

its easy to find in MN and its cheap as shit

diziamonddave says:

PennState 1997 I went to a party and we kicked a keg of Red dog. i mustve
drank about 20 plus i was rip roarin hammered and i ended up at a taco bell
and i ate 3 gorditas and puked my brains out. Memories. and when you turn
the can upside down it look like batman eating out catwoman

Nathan Goehl says:

13 bucks for a kennel (30 pack) of Red Dog in WI. Can’t beat it!

TheRealAmyJ808 says:

Red Dog. Worst morning shits you’ve ever had. Tastes great the night before!

johnoXdamage says:

@horselaverda they still make them, you just gotta search

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