Russian Beer Commercial (Blonde Arm Wrestler)

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4200badbooty says:

hahaha niiiice! xD

mezmerize503 says:

hahah wtf was she rubbing his leg or doing something to his balls???

DartLuke says:

This is insurance company commercial.

kimonocat001 says:

i liked this one! too funny! 5/5

kidrainenfina says:

lol hiz ballz

SheludchenkoX says:

Exactly! This is an insurance company commercial. They say : ‘An insurance
group ‘Progress’. A feeling of elbow.’ I think it means that you can feel
save with this insurance company, like someone is supporting you with your
elbow. This commecrial is kind of stupid in my opinion. I am Russian, so;)

NoGufff says:

Mmmm insurance. Frooosty


daaaaaa lol

RoshanDrummer says:

ja idd van martini. geweldige reclame lol

blacklab27 says:

She’ll CrUsH U

Dragonhammer Soulbreath says:

Okay, so its insurance. What? Insurence from being kicked in the balls?

Philip giovia says:

In Moscow Russia the beer drinks you

ChocolateKunai says:


paradiznata says:

hahaha it’s not beer ad)) it’s insurance group))

MariaBiancaGraphics says:


LileeSoeliani19 says:

haha. great strategy!

valarua says:

foot fetish yay 😀

StreetL1fe says:

Erm… lol Where’s the beer?

Zoran Zhelezarov says:

That’s actually an insurance company commercial…

Namal23 says:

yea, unfortunately that wont give him any fucks or blowjobs whatsoever. You
know, the things he wants by saying this crap.

ezeporel says:

dumbass nothing is gonna happen to your mom, STOP SPAMING!

Edgard Serrano says:

dont mess with blondes especially russians lol

Templehawk says:


itimiii says:

For those who didn’t spot it she was pushing down on his crotch with her
foot to cheat at winning!

dzulkarnaen92 says:

lol !

anatomick says:

zuahhaahha :D:D

Chyna1333 says:

haha shes hot

fatassesarefunny says:

That was a footjob – indian virgin boy. She got the guy so horny he
couldn;t do anything.

samal ainabayeva says:

rastarigate, you want find it, because it is not beer commercial. It is
Insurance company:))

tybash says:

@FunnyFowards You mean getting a good leg job. That guy is satisfied.

1800HART says:

:) Yep! Someone figured that out on Page 1 of the comments … and
straightened me up on this.

shylildude says:

what is her name? shes hot

boundlesslife12 says:

its a bit old might be better if he put his foot in her punani for a change.

vancouvah says:

Weakened him with a foot job.

1800HART says:

really? The subject of the FWD’ed email mentioned BEER and it’s in a bar ..
so … // can you translate? :)

flunker911 says:

id let her fart in my lap

rolf778 says:

cheating !

MXhm91 says:

every man would lose If a woman did that

tinyheartbreakx says:

playing footies huh?

DyingElement says:

how is this beer?

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