[S2E35] Let’s Play Minecraft – A Witch’s Brew!

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ReNDoG goes on an emotional cave exploration. SEASON 1: http://bit.ly/RDseason1 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/RDSubscribe JOIN THE PACK: http://www.dogcraft.net T…


John Flear says:

you can get experience from iron if you shmelt it

SirDannerz says:

Dude… I can’t wait to get Minecraft on a decent computer… I Jumped all
the way back from the end of this season and this texture pack is really
freakin sweet.

23Imabee says:

rendog: (places cobblestone block) *3 seconds later* ohh mob spawner.

blarg2429 says:

I’m pretty sure he ignores requests to get on the Dogolith. I’m not
certain, though; good luck with that.

david ramirez says:

he missed emeralds or dimonds

Br00TalDude says:

you get the xp from iron and gold when you smelt it not when you mine it

Shion Audverack says:

you are legend!

Bekka Nerdtastic says:

Please help meh! On the 360 edition in the seed ” worstseedever ” after the
new update with enchanting I went exploring in a ravine, found a huge
underground mineshaft, which lead to a huge underground city. I found an

momma2lilbears says:

Sometimes when you kill a skeleton wearing armor, you get the armor.

Ruby Embers says:

haha, yeah, i facepalmed like, four times

butter man says:


hippozags3434 says:

dude all who say that your a noob ARE noobs. your a halb pro u make so many
cool things, dude.

ImmaTrustedTurtle says:

“ok guys lets talk about minecraft”, 20 seconds of silence. lol

marscrasher says:

Who r u talking to

Danny Carlson says:

you’re placing cobble to plug water

Nala Zero says:

So many Diamonds this episode and gold for grannydog. I cannot wait to see
the completed monument.

TheWarriorscat says:

you are placing the cobblestone for water sources

Nathan Yap says:

Rendog,do you have short term memory?

humansforminecraft says:

maybe rendog should put a face cam and we could see his face when he dies

arturo gomez says:

On 9:22 I face palmed so hard

lman4612 says:

ReNDoG fail, he places a block of cobblestone to plug up a water source.
Five seconds later, He freaks out upon seeing it thinking its a dungeon.

minecraftdude044 says:

you make a flower pot with bricks in the shape of a V

Gan Ning says:


Ben Cuckston says:

Rendog did you know without creative there are 15K diamonds in 1 world

Aaron Fred says:

u put the cobble to block water

Abel Valderrama says:

whats up with your tekkit !

Shahid Khalil says:

The reason you do not get XP from gold is because gold s worser than irons.

Ines Karažija says:

i bet that your granny is really coding that minecraft world…

TheLPCrew says:

R.I.P Granny Dog! She is very badly missed. ;(

Max Terson says:


HectorIsYOLO says:

the cobble is yours wen you kill water !!!!!!!

The R3AL Takeo says:

get mc patcher on the minecraft forums to fix the pickaxe and other studd

luke martin says:


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