Schlitz Beer (commercial)

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Shot on the beaches of Jacksonville,Florida. Nominated at the London Advertising Awards Produced by Philip Lowrey. Directed by Paul Henry.


Fucknuts says:

Outstanding song, very good beer, stupid commercial…get it straight.

ufolive1 says:

the nigger beer of the 70′s

Ken Menees says:

Agreed Brother! Best Band Ever too!

Ken Menees says:

That song sure brings back some great memories!

Philip Lowrey says:

What doesn’t? The storyline?

Philip Lowrey says:

OK. There is an actor called Bruce Payne who nearly got the lead part. I
think the ad was only shown in Scotland.

oddity101 says:

I just found a 12 pack for $10 at my local store and I was the last 12 pack
in stock. WOW it tastes to good, that I will buy it again if I see it.
Cheers Schlitz!!!!

randombutler says:

Yeah! What’s the deal?

Philip Lowrey says:

So the commercial worked then ? ! ? !

DominoRyder says:

I’m drinking a Schlitz right now!

bcmpayne says:

No ..Sorry, I liked the add remember it well as do a lot of people

Philip Lowrey says:

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a bash !

azne69 says:

6.54 a 12pk in Omaha NE Damn it’s good beer, glad it’s back.

redneckpride4ever says:

They got it her in New Hampshire too. Cheap, decent, and man, gets you

Philip Lowrey says:

That’s good advertising for you ! !

bcmpayne says:

Never realised the ad was only shown in Scotland (I was living in Glasgow
at the time) at least the commercial got deserved recognition at the London
Advertising Awards.

JudischerWolfsmench says:

@LKProductions I want to find the “cougar” one, where they try to take the
beer away from a lumberjack with a cougar at his side. Funny as hell.

AreYouAfraidHoney says:

I want this

Philip Lowrey says:

Are you Bruce the actor?

RockinDaBronx says:

when did this air? Reminds me of Top Gun.

AreYouAfraidHoney says:

i had some for the first time last night after seeing this.

Philip Lowrey says:

Great track agreed but it isn’t the original. We re recorded it. But an
excellent copy.

lawriemacmillan says:

I have this ad on VHS tape from 1988 when I taped the tv movie The Last
Ninja. It aired in the summer on STV. The music from the ad got me away
from rap and into more guitar-based classic rock. I did eventually get to
be old enough to enjoy the beer!

Stewart Pearson says:

Only ones to see it. Bad loads in Scotland and sorry for the multiple
posts, iPad acting up…

dieselchevette says:

Still only have the canned crap in CT. The classic brown bottles are coming
back, can’t wait!

randombutler says:

It all comes home; I get it; I get it.

Philip Lowrey says:

I think it was licensed to Bass who also owned Tennents. It may have
changed now or I may just be wrong.

fraginat0r says:

this has got to be the coolest beer comercial ever

Slotten68 says:

Live down the road from where they make this godly brew in Milwaukee WI.
Give it a shot, its classic formula is glorious…and its like 8 bucks for
a 12 pack of bottles round here…

bcmpayne says:

Easily one of the best ads of the 1980s totally related to it in my early
20s at the time

Ken Menees says:

Hearing that “Boston” song sure was nice! not original, but not bad!

randombutler says:

This definitely doesn’t make any sense.

justinredman says:

This beer is nasty.. I bet back then they had nothing to compare it to.

fraginat0r says:

thats a great comercial

subcut23 says:

they have Schlitz in Scotland? never noticed it there

Brandon Pierce says:

Sweet I was born and raised in Jacksonville I had no idea. I lived in river
side and always bought shlitz at the quick stop or Mr. Lees or whatever!

dimebaghudson says:

schlitz is deff the best malt liquor man. deff beats old e and colt nigga

walkie311 says:

@LKProductions Cheers for putting this up. This ad was one of the reasons i
got a bike, the guy was so damned cool. Was listening to Boston and trying
to explain to my 7 year old daughter why i like beer and bikes. She now
knows lol. Great ad and great beer. Never knew we were the only country to
get to see the ad, Scotland wins again.


This is Schlitz the regular beer NOT the malt liquor. There is a diference
people. Hmm wonder where I can get a can?

Philip Lowrey says:

@RockinDaBronx That was discussed before we made it. The ad agency wanted
the bike to be a Kawasaki GPZ 900 R like the one TC rode but I decided it
wasn’t ‘all American’ like a HD. When we got to Jacksonville we had 3
serious Hells Angels waiting for us to choose the bike. They were getting a
bit antsy as we were late. It was only aired in Scotland on TV

Stewart Pearson says:

Pretty funny. I just came online to find this video to show my mate. I’m in

daviddpb75 says:

You never forget your First Sixer of SCHILTZ, It’s DA SCHIT

dammitpea says:

what? the bull didn’t come crashing through his window :(


Good beer. Had it the first time a few days ago, bought it at Meijer went
back today and it must have been sold out.

LJaiNYC1983 says:

Cheers friend!

Philip Lowrey says:

Funny you should say that. The locals in Jacksonville thought it was shite
then. In fact I think we used Becks in the ad!But hey if someone is paying
you to make an ad, what do you say?

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