Schmidt’s One Beautiful Beer Commercial

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Another classic old Beer ad. Check out our others that are up.


stephen lopresti says:

yes Chee6060!! the original Schmidt’s beer label is gone , however , the
brewery that bought the label, G heileman brewery, has changed the label
more than once BUT!!! THE beer formula is still the same!!!! I called and
asked!!!! So if you pick up a case of Schmidt, you are drinking the
original blend of the great Schmidt’s of phila!!!!!

Borangful says:

@BreeGurl101 you and five million other people

buck jones says:

Schmidt’s beer was great. My dad always had a case of 16 oz. returnables in
the garage. When I was around 15 he told me and my brother we could have a
have a beer as long as we didn’t leave the house. The next day all the beer
was gone. I can’t believe they went out of business, somebody should revive
the original recipe.

Charlie Irvin says:

I used To Sneak A Sip Of My Dads Beer Watching Him Open It With The Old
Church Key.

Charlie Irvin says:

That beer Had A Better Taste.Back Then. It Had A Good Hard Kick. in The
Ass.It Was Full Bodied Beer.

backtoharmony says:

I loved tha Beer, I miss it terrably, we drank it every day as we lived 3
blocks from the brewery and would just pick a few 6 packs off the flat bed
trains sitting in the back.of the brewery. What a childhood, all the
Schmidts beer we could drink 7 days a week as a teenager. No kidding.

garydude32 says:

I drink schimdts every summer! Soon!

Mr Perfect says:

“If you have a tall thirst and you’re gay….”,

murraydeluxxxe says:


tbear4pa says:

This commercial dates from about the mid 60’s(maybe about 1963-65) because
of the little portable TV in the background as well as the walkie-talkies
which are circa then and the commercial being in B&W.

Jerry Jaquinto says:

I love it when they show the twist off caps on the beer bottle.

Bree S. says:

my last name is Schmidt lol

pandaKrusher says:

I suggested we try this, but my girlfriend hit me over the head with my
walkie talkie.

garrisonskunk says:

So….is this sexist because he’s ordering her around on the walkie talkie,
or pro feminist because she apparently kicked him out of the living room
and is forcing him to watch his game outside in the rain?

Charlie Irvin says:

That Was My Fathers Choice Of Beer Than He Switched To Budweiser.

chee6060 says:

Best American made Pilsner beer ever made, to bad it’s not around anymore.
I remember going into the local bar to buy the quart bottles with my
father. There is another beer around that is called Schmidt, it is not the
Schmidts beer that was brewed in Phila. That beer no longer around. The
other great Phila. beer in those days was Ortliebs. That beer was a bit
dryer than Schmidts. Other old great brands were Valley Forge & Reading.

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