Sea Shepherd – Bluetongue Brewery Whale Safe Beer Commercial

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Bluetongue Brewery Commercial Australia’s Bluetongue Brewery supported Sea Shepherd’s 2006-07 campaign to save the whales. They donated funds to purchase our…


mdragon1092 says:

Mabey people will learn how painfully they die.

lion57389 says:

true…morbid…but true

AltitudeStudios says:

Full whale experience I get it

rainerfilm says:

AWESOME!!!! 5star if I could.

TBman256 says:

everyone be sure to spam these crime avenger jerks!

monkeybike54 says:

awesome, love the Aussies sense of humour, wish we could get this beer in

SealAngel says:

How would you like a grenade tipped harpoon explode through your body? Well
that’s what it feels like for the great whales. Awesome video!

Jaccko Meade says:



Ah ahh, the Japanese dont get this type of humour. Probably they dont use
jumper cables to jump start a car either.

neravaira says:

Whoa. That is one shocking advert. No doubt if it was aired in the UK it
would be immediately banned, though… :(

lymonguy2441 says:

lies, butyric acid is just ROTTEN BUTTER less acidic than orange juice,
only an idiot could come up with a stupid story like that it’s all
bullshit, butyric acid just smells, its perfectly safe

SailorVegan says:

THANK YOU!!! ^___^ Butyric acid is ten times LESS acidic than orange juice.
Hurling jugs of Tropicana does more “damage” than butyric acid.

Michel Buxton says:

this is straight to the point, Sea Shepherd should put this on dvd’s and
throw them on to the ships of the Japanese whaling fleet… maybe they’ll
get the point

lymonguy2441 says:

the sad thing is that this is the way the whales die, sometimes they kill
the baby to lure the mother in to kill her too

lymonguy2441 says:

hell yeah!

TBman256 says:

that’s just sick

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