sexy beer commercial montage

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Karsim hguvjb says:

i want the guy in the 1st commercial to put the bottle upside down so thAT

thebestthereis122 says:

I don’t understand why the second commercial was banned.

Samir Suleman says:

Definitely gettin ballet lessons now

Ronen Juromskii says:

My dick brought me here.

Rai Wolf says:

Question is: Who didn’t?

trollfaicelolco says:

Suddenly ballet doesn’t seem that bad

Daniel Shanchez says:

Greatest ballet idea! For men

Bryan Taylor says:

The ass is a lie!!

budderman says:

It tern me on

Jezus Christus says:


TerrorV76 says:

Im joining ballet classes TODAY

ahmad30615 says:

where is the sex come on

chris wyatt says:

Amazing! I like the walk in fridge and the hot women!

Dany Stoica says:

6:00 is the so cool ! :) xD

princess lopez says:

I want a walking frige

royce12ful says:

i just got a boner watching this

wgde32 says:


gansta bigstick says:


lordezioauditor1 says:

Yo ou ta pris la pic

MelaniHeart says:

Lol in the beginning it was so funny!he was getting the beer out and omg
the lad came out lol and the dog getting the drinks it’s so funny then the
little chimpanzee lol how funny!!

Flare Run says:

quentin t gay

Paulo Gomes says:


Joey Rodregez says:

ballet man

Uzumaki D Luffy says:

heineken is a dutch company T-T i’m so fu**ing proud

Flare Run says:


crazyforluvingyou7 says:

That monkey one was wrong in so many ways

Umad Bro says:

Cause watching porn is way tooooo mainstream ain’t it?

David House says:

The last one was great!

minecraftman1016 says:

Nice ass

volcomandelement says:

Funnier than sexy he fooled peeps lol

DayVlondex says:

Gotta love ballet

gamingbro1111 says:


lordezioauditor1 says:

Um chui po sur decca

eggyexpert says:

The last is the best

Choppi UG says:

that would be awesome to have a walk in fridge with all the beer! now i’m
thirsty! *opens a beer*

Oscar Enqvist says:

right click on the clip, press cancel download. press like if you liked it

Nahemah Bathory -Morrígan- says:

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