Speights beer ad from NZ

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A couple of my favourite Speights beer ads from New Zealand. I really like the beer and luckily can get it at a nearby bottle shop in Brisbane. I went on the…


rob the log says:

The 8th wonder of the world, probably the 9th . Classic mate

PREEST P says:

Miss home watching this. Good Cunts.

winterscaleb says:

I feel all warm inside like I used to feel as child watching these ads on
tv inbetween movies on a Saturday night.

John Tintle says:

Morning G Plus
Just popping in to share this beer commercial with ya’ll´╗┐

Vikturus22 says:

“spouse we better call for help… Help” i love these old nz beer ads r.i.p
ted west the granpa everybody loves

Eden Brackstone says:

Check the video response I posted for one of my favorites ;-) Super 14 Ad
Sponsored by Speights.

fjbutch says:

Gunna Miss you Frank…RIP mate ..Saw these adds when I first came to
NZ…Love them ever since..

fjbutch says:

Great commercial…nice beer too. But had one of their pies today..wohhh!
couldn’t finish it..wasn’t good !

cessna207 says:

i love it

18yearsandover says:

Yeah thats ted west ! haha crak up, and the other guy looks and sounds like
Ranger Graham off Outrageous Fortune

MrYowie says:

You can’t say they didn’t try to get help… just not a very hard try…
can you blame them :)

MrYowie says:

I think you are right. Frank Whitten plays Ted West .. well spotted

rotornaki says:

Rest in Peace Ted

WriterWolf92 says:

@PresidentZod – haha -

gewangew says:


Kylie Johnston says:

Graehams hot

Russell Hrolandsson says:


Smurfette1992 says:

Frank Whitten you truly were an amazing man!

Amunication says:

Why are they wearing Dryzabones? they’re kiwis not Aussies!.

My Pet Pikachu says:

3 people from Outrageous Fortune in one ad.

tazzaa1 says:

good on ya mate

kiwismx5 says:


bob smoker says:

i love speights beer better than double brown

afroman2high says:

its times like this u feel humbled by ur own insignificance :D good on ya

MetalheadAtheist says:

“Help” LOL

Craig Gentle says:

A bottleo in brissy sells Speights? Which one? where? I’m from Southland
and havent had that sweet nectare for 6 months now (since I moved, Didn’t
think it would be here)

monello198 says:

the adds are so much better than the beer lol mikee ;-}~

BradRapstars says:

She’s awful uppity for a potato-nosed bitch.

KellzMelis says:

@rossco79gallagher yes he is, and the old guy is Grandpa Ted. Although you
probably knew that haha. I miss these ads, why did they stop?! Lol.
@ILikeGuysThatSparkle it is a Kiwi beer, what made you think it was

Zggrt443 says:

These two are such a credit to the NZ gay community

SweetSarah1984 says:

..help… ahaha

quidwitch says:

Accents like these remind me how similar to the aussies we sound. so much
for beached as

rosered07 says:

The only Dryzabones I’ve ever seen are for dogs. They make them for people
too? I thought it was called Dryzabone because it was a dog’s brand.

47sportygirl says:

@LunarArts. It was on years ago

madmikerx7 says:


ZEEZ142 says:

@BallBagsification any only an Aussy bum boy would have a name as

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