Tampa Bay Brew Bus Rollin’ Dirty Red Ale Cigar City Brewing The Spit or Swallow Beer Review

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Extra Unseen Footage as well as added trip footage! Also, Featuring Louisiana Beer Reviews: Ronald Theriot! Way down in Louisiana, in the middle of New Orlea…


MyTruRevu says:

Thanks for taking the time to do a couple of reviews with us and showing us
the town as well!

Ronald Theriot says:

Oh, you’re welcome. It was a lot of fun!

MyTruRevu says:

It was great and we’re hoping to get with Krul soon too!

Gez Lawson says:

awesome work fellas and excellent review

Ronald Theriot says:

Thanks a lot, Gez!

MyTruRevu says:

Thanks Gez and thanks for watching and commenting, Cheer!

Ronald Theriot says:

I’m glad y’all were able to get together with Louisiana Beer Reviews.

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