Tooheys Extra Dry Commercial

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An ad for Tooheys extra dry beer. Every beer addicted tongue must see!!


alphamone says:

It didn’t.

mortalkombatfan96 says:

hey steven halking made a song pretty cool

Wolfie Rankin says:

It’s the creepy beer ad with the tongue.

Jeff Zahari says:

For +Greg Christopher 

Benthaitakeaway says:

i want a tongue like that , ” Go and fetch me some beeer ” :)

kushegga95 says:

what’s the song in this?

13BLACKKAT13ily says:


Rowie235 says:

I don’t understand what was so offensive about it. What part of it is
offensive? it’s just clever!

jkrsdmn says:

I know, can you believe they wanted to ban this ad!

immutablelight says:

speaking as an american, it’s not challenging to see why we have a poor
reputation. and no offense “heheurfunny”, but i wouldn’t use an american
source to cite global obesity statistics. i personally think europeans and
australians are AGES ahead of us. plus, they produce better commercials. ;)

PatchyTV says:

lol, wakes up, why does my tounge taste like floor : HEY A BEER

Pradakirb16 says:

i want a tongue like that!

hubertvomvenn says:

Nice spot.

Jansons45 says:

yeh, It was actually banned when it first came out.


now i want beer.

Ratznium says:

Can anyone find the parody of this? It was a sketch done by a comedy show
where the tongue pops out for a different purpose.

AeroWinds2k9 says:

It looks like a dolphin dick o.0

valcon96 says:

i was scared of this ad as a kid

sonicfeet says:

You are a fucking cocksucking faggot. I can stand through this — some
people can’t, though. But that doesn’t give you the right to
be…country-ist. Ugh… But I’m not being funny — you’re a fucking

Michael Chega says:

Satisfacton – Benny Benassi

Eddy Okapi says:

The tongue is cute imo. XD

Ben Drogemuller says:

love this ad!!

Ferrymartyr says:

all my tongue does is collect wine -.-

britneysuxmaballs says:

this is an old ad – came out in 2003 in australia – but they ended up
taking it off air coz it grosed too many people out – but ive always
thought it the bomb – i love the way the tongue just slips out like a
something some slimy lil creature – its just so ingenious – the whole

MultipleDaysOfMeagan says:

bahahaha i told all my friends to watch!

Phil & Alison Young says:

laff if someone stood on the tongue

RYNO2511 says:

i used to be scared of this when i was a kid LMAO !

Spudooten says:

thats where my tongue went

Nikiime says:


Nelson Nelsix says:

i wish my tong do that for me!!

TheAussie00 says:

@shiyboy4 Right with you, brother

Gareth says:

why was this ad banned in the first place

Ichanolican says:

Too bad it got banned.

missbubbles76 says:

best ad ever

SurferConky says:

Get over it. This ad is legendary.

TheHendogRox says:

the song reminds me of stephen hawkings

itran1 says:


Jack T says:

ive only ever been to australlia once and when i tried this i loved it, i
so wish they sold it in the uk…. i came home and am now stuck with
carlsberg and foster ect. make ted’s world wide

thepantsofbrown says:


uppanadam74 says:

@Kadiezi Yep I see what you mean!! LOL!!

camandhayley says:

Could you all imagine the shit that got on his tongue on the way there?

Sarah Bahbah says:

not the same guy lol

Off Limits says:

David, it’s “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi presents The Biz

zperra says:

That was kinda cool!

bolton says:


caitlyn5993 says:

haha this is awesome

incumaniac says:

really cool

sonicfeet says:

North Americans are as good as Canadians, you racist asshole.

fishboy1989 says:

BEST AD EVER< FUCKHEN AWESOME!!! wish my tongue would go get me a beer lazy

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