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Wow check out the new Tooheys Extra Dry ad!


DaemonInWhite says:

I’d love to know the name of the song used in this ad, if anyone knows.

Cam McHarg says:

Crazy-ass Australian beer spot.
Why not?
I’m actually inspired by that kind of freedom.

toddkw says:

It sure is. Unfortunately the average joe can’t appreciate its brilliance

uditha01 says:

Just beer will do fine thanks.

moondy11 says:

THATS MAD! Thanks just downloaded, Ive seriously been wanting this song
ever since Ive heard it. Cheers mate

puscifer99 says:

One of the best beer campaigns ever.

stephen85122 says:

shittest ad ever….wtf….

Madhura Deshpande says:

Yama yama by Yamasuki

bigbob112 says:

That movie has warped my fragile little mind

XxxHannahvxxX says:

BEST SONG so retarded yet so fucking awesome

eminkgreen says:

now the songs on limewire, thankyou, thankyou all

MagicantNess says:

So the pods represent him trying to relive the moment of drinking the
beer?? … -_-; Ok, I’m stumped.

udaho456 says:


Crowrunner says:

I want to do the crazy harvest dancing all night thing!

Sancho351 says:

Best Aussie ad ever.

wankerman654 says:

i want the song too i wanna download it

themysteriouscrumpet says:

At some point in the last two decades, the entire advertising agency was
taken over by an army of Salvador Dali clones.

JahMoth says:

thats trippin

Malcolm Tucker says:

@jamiesonst It’s a good strategy, it means we have to buy their beer and
drink it until there are hot women.

Lucas Perry says:


eminator says:

You can download the song from this link: [w w w dot harvested dot com dot
au forward slash mp3s forward slash Yama_Yama dot zip] (just decode that
into a link without the spaces) – however it is basically an audio version
of the clip, still good though :)

Underhill182 says:

@pobopower hopefully it will make some B sides album or something. i really
really want it

acidweekend says:

I love it! best adds. best beer.

George Washington says:


toothpik00 says:

some weird shit. i love it!

GekkeThieske says:

Psychobillies! Hehehe

Andrew givealot says:

tooheys platinum is da best IMHO!

TaterMySalad says:

This is awesome. He creates humans and then kills them with liquid nitrogen
to get their beer. Genius.

FURNIEau says:

It makes me sick how Japanese money is putting beers like this on tap into
pubs and clubs throughout Australia while Aussie owned beer companies are
forced out. Aussies need to wake up and start demanding Australian made and
OWNED beers back. It is hard to do this when Lion Nathan can afford to make
ads like this that appeal to all the new generation of pretty boys beer

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