Travis Is Craft Beer Crazy On This Segment From Adventures In Brew

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Very Funny Segment From Adventures In Brew.


Karren Escañan says:


Black Dog Promotions says:
Sonia Hays says:

I almost peed watching this!

Gordon Copeland says:

This is making me thirsty. Awesome

Mason Woodward says:

Funniest thing I have watched all day

Katherine Powell says:

LMAO. When are you posting more videos

Black Dog Promotions says:

Hilarous! Keep them coming!

Adventures in Brew says:

Great job Travis. Can’t stop laughing!

Arthur Smith says:


Scott Kelly says:

Very very funny!

Otto Viinikka says:

Very very funny Travis

Julieta Azevedo says:

Love it!

Lucas Barnard says:

Where did you get this guy. He is a nut!

Brooke Abbatantuono says:

Poor Travis!

Vicki McKellar says:

Too Funny. Can’t stop laughing

Sebastian Cross says:

I love this! Great job Travis

Adventures in Brew says:

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