Trick Shot “JUST SHOWING OFF” from a Beer commercial in the 70s

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Messing around at a pool table in the Science Lounge at my University. (The Pool table’s in pretty rough shape BTW, lol) The trick shot is called “Just showi…


MacManLtd says:

@TheIndianKush Thanks, I spend way too much time playing pool :P, almost
more time playing pool than actual class time xD

Kush Gandhi says:

Dude, thats dope!

SuperGigaman says:

Damn girl!

iTouchAllOver says:


MacManLtd says:

@SuperGigaman Well, let me just tell you, while I do not currently have a
scathing retort, you check your e-mail periodically for a doozy 😛

Technoguy3 says:

I can do that with a table tennis court and Ping-Pong balls…. LOL

Technoguy3 says:

@MacManLtd Me either!

MacManLtd says:

@Technoguy3 Really? I’d like to see that, just because I have no clue what
it would look like 😛

eagletrickshots says:

very good, check out mine!

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