Two Strohs Beer Commercial

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coralprincess25 says:

I don’t have any information but I have comments: 1) The lead actor in the
first commercial has the look and sounds like “Gaston” from Beauty & the
Beast. 2) I remember the second commercial very well. I feel that both ads
are from the 1980s.

MarcellusTheGreen says:

I don’t even LIKE beer; however, I used to love the witty Stroh’s
commericals from the 1960’s and, I think, early 1970’s. The guys in the
desert, the “Baron” who was given a less in American beer, etc etc.

sssaxons says:

Other ending thing was better.

Reuben Hubert says:

This past summer I bought a 6 pack of Stroh’s, I hadn’t had any in decades.
It brought bace real fond memories. My dad used to let me have a sip of his
Stroh’s when I was just a little kid and it still tastes the way I remember

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