Un-PC but hilarious Beer Commercial from the 50’s

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Unfathomable today but I stumbled upon this crazy (clazy) commercial for Genesee Beer from the 1950’s, and had to share it. With stereotypes and hops from th…


D Heine says:


MsPandaRosa says:

this should end with the Chinese dude sitting next to the Big Hat guy, and
both of them agree/aglee that Genesee Beer is the best beer ever! (bet the
manager would have said that too: That man want Genesee and fortune cookie?
Get him best table, plonto!)
Ah, can’t get it down here in Georgia.

rippin86 says:

Terrific ad. America lost its sense of humor when it became ‘politically

Ryogu says:

Put on hat, become manager!

Mickey Mephistopheles says:

Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. And I wish that fags would stand still
when you beat the shit out of them, too. Would’ve made my gang initiation a
lot easier.

harrison58 says:


tgstock1 says:

@txvoltaire: It’s Hemlock Lake, not hemlock-laced. It’s a lake just outside
of Rochester, NY.

ferociousgumby says:

did he say hemlock water?

Peter Depaola says:

I rove it!!!!

Hotshotter3000 says:

Fortune cookies are American. I’ve been to some Chinese restaurants in
other countries and there were no fortune cookies anywhere.

MelanieLouM says:

There is a street in my neighborhood called Genesee! ^_^

bingobastard says:

Look up the history of fortune cookies! Like chop suey, they’re an American
invention, the original idea came from Tokyo. China has never seen a
fortune cookie. I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all, but I think this
kinda stuff is very interesting. (I used to work near a fortune cookie
bakery in SF – yum – and learned lots about ’em.) To my eyes, this
commercial was trying to be funny but is very offensive. Who knows how
future generations will respond to what we think is funny today?

RockinDaBronx says:

made me like this beer even more

Nikolai85 says:

you frip yo rid

IDriveACavalier says:

Is it me or does that sound exactly like Spongebob?

Gweedo Murray says:

I grew up in western New York, outside Buffalo. Drank the occasional six
once glass of Genny as a small boy courtesy of Dad.

Hotshotter3000 says:

I drank some Chinese beer and it’s pretty good if you ask me.

mommygene666 says:

I’m clazy too!!!

Psychowilly says:

@WpgLwr007 No era aside, it’s pretty racist.

standupbassfiend says:

America has lost its sence of humor, but dont forget you have the right of
free speech!!!!!!!!!

madhater2 says:

HEMLOCK.. lake water?!?!?!? You clazy!

svercl says:

my dad used to pick hops in the sacramento valley

gerryono says:

@somekindawizard you frip your rid

Christopher Sobieniak says:

@sherriffnoldie It’s more a regional brand. I’m sure it’s sold all over New
York, but I was able to spot it here in Toledo, OH as well.

docwondernuts says:

I would have broken that bottle over the chinks head then walked out

sycoraxrock says:

Genessee’s pretty tasty actually – every time I’m in upstate NY I pick some
up. But, dude, people in the 50s were like going out of their way to be
racist. What the hell does Genessee beer have to do with Chinese people?

ThePretzelHead says:

Love the sketches tho. sugar cookies and beer…good luck with that diet.

Sherriff Noldie says:

Is this beer in mass production? Could be oh so much worse.

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