Understanding Men… Beer Comercial – Funny

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This comercial really harshes us guys.


contrafax says:

Have you been peeking in my window ?!

Ruthlesseclipse says:

Then your not a man

The Madhatters says:

*One for the Ladies – Understanding Men*

Bob Brown says:

A tribute to the women in our lives – sort of.

contrafax says:

@Imaginetricks not all men. I don’t even drink beer 😛

aRomanSoldier says:

The woman at the fancy restaurant looked sooo sad, lol!

99potoy says:

Boys inside men… Let it out once in a while… there is no harm in it….

Alzappa aken says:

@feartheglosshh that her exceed beer lol 😛

Xziro3 says:

@contrafax then ur not a man :p

Karl Karu says:

haha =D .. Nice joke

Snakeweirdo says:


contrafax says:

ok, people… some one thought I was woman, wrong. I am a man. I did not
post this to start an argument… I just posted it because it is funny

Portalian1 says:

HAHHA I love the guy who scrapes the salad onto her plate and eats the
meat!! AWESOME!! He’s my hero!!

R3dp055um says:

Gods, I laughed my ass off. This is sooo funny…

contrafax says:

@RsGhost1 I don’t, not even sure where it came from, my brother sent it to

Anger .Production says:

0:23 this guys ruls!!!! xDDD i crapped myself. xDDD

strodesk says:

I don’t get it! When the song is awesome like this one, no one is asking.
But when its a generic dubstep, everyone is begging for the song name.

Niek Binnenmars says:


daveibukun says:

this is extremely hillarious.

eiretoker says:

ha ha excellent an honest ad

seededsoul says:

at least we don’t make life impossible for you by never taking your
compliments, and never being straightforward about your
feelings/problems….unles you dump it on us 24/7! Men def lose in the
battle of the sexes…let us have our beer!

LucasCAPS says:

excellent use of the chorus

merxita1804 says:

Could anybody please write what it says? I would like to know, but I,m
deaf..Thank you

PirateKing1256 says:

Im tired of gender bullshit.

Cpt. Striation says:


Musician88Saki says:

“we give them our beers” XD HILARIOUS!!

closecombat4 says:


Jaccie Fulton says:

how true, all are my husband and I am having a beer to salute all men, now!

El Corren says:

feminist beer!! :( XD

Chatumpeh says:


feartheglosshh says:

Wow. What guy randomly pees in a garden.

tehUBERn00blet says:


Great Heart says:

Do guys do anything stupid, so girls can do them too?! any ideas?! ha ha ha
they’ll do anything to sell a product that can cause all kind of health
problems :) why should not wemen help them get richer lol, there r planty
of stupid people of any gender unfortunately.

minimandude says:


gainpro says:

“anymore* bright ideas?!” retarded much? (grammar below)

saladyn84 says:

i laughed my head off

williambrown007 says:

@buraka11 If you dont know me by now.:D

Thea Read says:

LMFAO!! If you think about it, BOTH men and women are on the hot seat here,
eh? Thanks, needed the reminder to LTFU!

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