Vintage Animated Carling Black Label Beer Commercial

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Animated classic has people singing Hey Mabel,Black Label for Carling’s. For more beer spots visit us at


Srd1126 says:

today a bunch of crybabies would say the cartoon was made to sell the beer
to children. Sad world today

Toby Radloff says:

Referring to the former Cleveland brewery.

Toby Radloff says:

Ironically, the Carling brewery is now the site of a juvenile detention

MrWolfdeadly says:

That is a great commerical that you cannot find on TV anymore I got me a
Budwiesrer Beer Commericial I just made

regressing2apes says:

i still sell black label at dodge street grill in salem ma 2. come on in

TonyUnplugged says:

Looks like a Jetsons cartoon.

Dablkwid0w2008 says:

Nobody pitched in for the beer at the party :(

regressing2apes says:

i own a bar in salem ma. i sell black label cans for 250 a can. only
cheapskates want it, the narragansett 16 oz. can for 300 sells better but
tastes like ass. if you ever find yourself in salem mass. come to dodge
street bar mention this and i will give u a black label on the house!!!

rocketjeff says:

Anyone remember the old Carling’s brewery in Frankenmuth, MI?

ftsjr says:

I LOVE commercials from the 50′s.

Razbunyik says:

Love those old commercials and I remember this one well! When we were
teenagers we sang a parody: “Hey Mabel, get off the table, the two bucks is
for the beer!’ Yes, we were bad boys.

XPIOLT says:

I used to love Black Label beer.

rocksmeller99 says:

@regressing2apes I’ll make a note of that! I suppose you have to watch out
for the Witchie Women, however.

mnpd3 says:

Don’t remember the commercial, but I do the beer. Carlings and Falstaff was
the only beer I ever saw at firebases in Vietnam, and that wasn’t often.
Ever drink warm beer? That was the only way it was served… when you were

11vlyleven says:

What was the popular price?

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