Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Commercial

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Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Commercial.

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TimeWarpTom says:

They started using the red stripe on their logo in 1958. Strangely, it’s on
the tapper handles, but not on the bottles themselves. I’d say 1958 would
be a good guess.

inkey2 says:

I watch a lot of old commercials… to your question….this has to be
somewhere from 1958 to 1962

Larry White says:

This was 1962. in a recent episode of “abandoned” and he said the chairs in
question were in a commercial in 1962 so I looked and … here it is.

James Yahnke says:

@kamdan2011 Ya. So.

James Yahnke says:

What year was this?

James Yahnke says:

Thanks. I’m vintage ’59, so thats probably why I like this one.

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