Wander Over Yonder Title Sequence via Cartoon Brew

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Wander News: http://wandernews.claviger.net/post/56908460183/the-wander-over-yonder-title-sequence Many thanks to http://www.cartoonbrew.com/tv/watch-the-wan…


musiqchibi says:

bootleg disney channel kid version of space dandy?

Psaga70 says:

Craig McCracken has done an awesome job with this Wander over Yonder. I
only watched fours episodes out of random order and I love every minute of
watching them. That animation is fun and addicting to watch, and I think
that that is this show’s biggest draw in for me, along with the art style,
character designs, and voice acting.
Plus, this theme song is ridiculously simple and catchy!
~ye doo doo doo doo it’s wander over yonder ye doo doo doo doo doo it’s
wander over yander wander wander over over yonder yonder yonder wander doo
doo doo doo doo doo it’s wander over yonder~

UltraRetroLoquendero says:

Best actual cartoon EVER¡¡¡

Jose Villalobos says:

What the shit is this and why do I like it?

kono sekai says:

This show is getting a second season! HECK YEAH

Jonathan Wilson says:

Craig McCracken makes a cameo appearance at 0:17…

Sentay0 says:

Anybody else get a real Rayman Origins / Legends vibe from this?

Joseph Anthony Lopez says:

It’s Disney’s version of SpongeBob and Patrick

nickONtheNET332 says:

disney struck gold with managing to get craig mcCracken and lauren faust,
anything those two touch become great.

123Yellowberry123 says:

I love this show.

TheMorphingFennecFox says:


Jason Leaf says:


Colton Cortese says:

Love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coffeehauz says:

(yells into distance) WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Skipper Skyy says:

dudududuuu!!! Wander over Yander! ^_^

david245611 says:

Catchy theme, the show is a bit weird, but I can manage…

bigd44451 says:

what i admire this show is that the animation is great, voice cast is
highly talented, Wander is adorable however some might find the point of
the show confusing considering it is a hillbilly travelling around the
universe with his banjo.
But the strong lovable friendship of Wander and his trusty loyal steed and
best friend Sylvia keep distracting me from that.
What I love most is that each episode is not just a loud annoying show
filled with colour and excitement but also has heart and spreads a message
and a moral inspiring the viewers to learn and become better people and
help one another. Overall score 8/10 :)
A great show 

KitoBurrito says:

Dammit this is soo catchy! X”D

adultmoshifan87 says:

Love it!

wandere yandere says:

Wander is a little cutie

Joel Guzman says:

something to cheer up people :3 hope this helps

TheVideoKid782 says:

2,092 people are true Disney Channel and Wander Over Yonder fans.

Bartolome Gutierritos says:

Disney has now made 2 good shows, how much time will pass until they screw
it all up?

Taylor T says:

there literally trying to make another fosters home basicly trying to
replace it by making a show just fosters home

Jak Saward says:

I’ve never seen Wander over Yonder(mainly because it hasn’t aired in UK
yet), but I think I understand what this TV show is about.
Wander(I’m assuming that’s his name) is a happy-go-lucky person with a
fight-happy horse of sorts that goes across many places meeting new friends
while a threat of sorts is attempting to take over the world.
How close was I?

JeepJeepKeyBlock778 says:


year111 says:

CN had Adventure Time, now Disney has this, what are they smoking?

Steven Bowser says:

Disney channel is airing a new show by creator Craig McCracken (Foster’s
Home for Imaginary Friends) on Sept. 13 at 9:00 pm ET/PT.

I usually have a bias against Flash animation because I feel like animators
are sort of “cheating” real hand-drawn animation with computers, but with
McCracken’s work I can’t help but be charmed.

His characteristic style and attitude is all there, and it’s hard not to
tap your feet along to this song by the Two Man Gentleman Band.


abnormalAL says:

Disney’s live-action sitcoms are utter crap. However, their absolutely
brilliant animated series (Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and now this)
give me a reason to stay tuned to the Disney Channel.

Jason Mango says:


ZaGreeNTHUndeR78 says:

This show has a Foster’s Home feel to it.

Vivien Ballard says:

63 people are Lord Hater’s watchdogs

Alejandro Ortiz says:

I think the reason I love the theme so much is because it’s by one of my
favorite bands of all time. If anyone is reading this, go check out The Two
Man Gentleman Band and enjoy the velvet tones of Andy Bean and the

Madame Tigre Le Deuxieme says:

Gee, I wonder what this is the theme song for…

JeepJeepKeyBlock778 says:


KaBlamBandicoot64 says:

The best cartoon of the year’s intro. Created by Craig McCracken (Powerpuff
Girls, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends) and with the help of his wife
Lauren Faust (MLP Friendship is Magic) this Disney show will be EPIC!
Wander Over Yander!

JeepJeepKeyBlock778 says:


Enjoku Blahblah says:

The animation for the opening alone is addicting to watch. I just watched
the episode about “feeding the troll” and it was perfectly done XD. “Just
don’t feed the troll, sheesh.” Also Jack is the PERFECT voice for this
character, a crazy goofy hillbilly who loves adventure. I’ll have to watch
more to really get into the show. The opening by itself is fun to watch.

Carter Heuwagen says:

Wonder for kingdom hearts 3?

zuzia a says:

Kocham Wandera! I love Wander! <3

xSunnyBunny2 says:

Yes. All my LOVE and all my YES.

hugo mallick says:

Gj Bro

alfonso ontiveros says:

I LOVED, I AM A FAN!!!!!. . . . .But the eco in Catellano espalo, Saunds
betta, my fou´s

Princess Luna fan66 says:

Fudge I love this show It was made by the powerpuff girl creater and Lauren
faulst who did mlp fim and Silvia and peepers are my FAvs and I absolutely
adore mlp it’s a awesome show I made seepers pairing(silvia x peepers)
sounds nice hmmm SEEPERS

firetools says:

I would love this show crossover with Space Dandy

foamyfan231 says:

Lord Hater, what did you do to Wilt? You stole his shoes! YOU BASTARD!
Seriously though, very funny cartoon. This and combined with Gravity Falls,
I actually have a reason to watch the Disney Channel again

Michael Everbry says:

Lyrics please :D

ddudeman36 says:

+coolguy121212 you sir have no childhood 

Chel127 says:

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas :D

Treestar says:

I have no idea what is… But i like it!

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