Yeast Harvesting From Commercial Beer

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Yeast harvesting from Bells Amber Ale…


Kevin Klingler says:

F’n right.

jess grogan says:

Nice set up you’ve got!

yambor44 says:

You are correct. Thanks for clarifying!

yambor44 says:

Hahahahahaa! Whatever works I guess! Thanks and cheers!

yambor44 says:

Thank you!

yambor44 says:

Probably 3 max. Like Hitau mentioned, if you have some friends over you can
open them all at once and limit exposure. Great idea except i don’t have
that many friends like like good beer! I am very careful with my
sanitation, but it does get exposed to oxygen with each opening. Is that a
problem? I doubt it. People used to brew in caves and ferment in holes in
the ground. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as what we can make today, but it
was still beer!

yambor44 says:

That would be a great idea…if I had any friends… 😉

MaineBrewGuy Gary says:

I’ve done this with an Allagash White, “wheat beer because i am always
confident of the same yeast being used, besides the wheat beers tend to
have more sediment. But as some wrote below about a different yeast, i
would think they would not use a different yeast for bottling, considering
most bottle filling systems are counter pressure filled, they just omit the
filtering process. So i think your fine. However there are the “yeast
police” that claim collecting yeast from the secondary, in this

hitau1063 says:

I usually wait until I am around friends and open all the bottles I am
going to harvest at one time just to eliminate exposure time.

yambor44 says:

I used 6 for this one. Decanted and pitched into the chilled starter, no
washing. Don’t know how it will turn out, hopefully no off flavors.

Ryan Reschan says:

I read somewhere that they use their house yeast for bottling for their
regular lineup so he should be fine.

billybobdick100 says:

Very nice I have done this before with Boulevard Pale ale yeast dregs I
guess you could say and then I found out they dont use the same yeast for
fermenting as they use for bottle conditioning hopefully Bells does,nt do
that cheers Yambor 44

yambor44 says:

Bells does which is why I chose it…well that and because I love the IPA!

yambor44 says:

If you remember let us know. As you can tell from most of my videos, I’m
not worried about perfection! If it’s yeast, it’ll make beer!

yambor44 says:

I agree 100%. It will be an awesome beer nonetheless and the Bells 2
Hearted IS bottled with the exact same yeast (for the yeast police). That
is the reason I chose it.

Dan ABA says:

I’ve done something similar with sour beer dregs, but for 1 gallon batches
(so, one bottle of beer is good enough for 1 gallon of beer… I think).
Great stuff! Are you brewing a Two Hearted Ale clone, or just using the

Bobbi Meyer says:

I was wondering the same thing…somewhere, there is a list of beers where
the yeast can be harvested…ones that are the same yeast throughout the
process, not two different kinds, but right now I can’t for the life of me
remember where I saw it.

Fc3s808 says:

Redneck ingenuity

yambor44 says:

My plan is to do a Two Hearted IPA clone if my hops come in on time. If
not, may have to alter it.

MaineBrewGuy Gary says:

(continued) case, the tertiary would produce a yeast nothing like the
fermentation yeast used by the brewery as it is the yeast that would not
flocculate and withstood the alcohol content. However I say F*ck all that I
do it too, nice job!

jakecpunut says:

Cool! I’ve been meaning to harvest yeast forever and like so many other
things I haven’t gotten around to it. How many days did you go between
drinking the bottles and adding the dregs to the jar?

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